Services offered by MSIS Sagl:


  • Representation of your company to business partners, authorities, industry representatives.

  • Market research.                                
  • Lead Generation and identification of potential customers.
  • Aggressive, but gentle Market penetration (European/Israeli way).
  • Seminars.
  • Exhibitions.
  • PR Advertisement in Local Magazines.

  • Establishment of Agencies channels.
  • Establishment of VAR channels.
  • Direct Sales.

  • Establishment of Call-center.
  • Establishment of Technical teams.
  • Employment of technical team in Switzerland or other countries.

  • Recruitment, employment of workers under MSIS Sagl,
          simplifying dramatically the hassle of employment in Europe.
  • Management activities.

Office Services

  • Phone number, Fax number in Europe.
  • Response center, sales, technical.
  • Email address, reply to emails or forwarding.
  • Web site management.
  • Professional translations.
  • Proposals - technical and commercial.

Our services are given in the following languages:

English, German, Italian, Hebrew and chinese.

Of course any combination of the above services is possible, and a detailed proposal should be tailored build, based on your needs.
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